Business Purchase


Why should you buy an existing business?


We understand that business acquisition or buying a business is a major event in the growth of a company, investor, or any person looking to become a business owner. But despite the magnitude of the event, there are numerous reasons why buying a business has its benefits. Here are just a few:

  • Business will have a proven track record.
  • Track record means it may be easier to obtain finance.
  • There may be established customers, a reliable income, a reputation to build on.
  • Ability to diversify your product range.
  • Quick way to grow your business.

We can help you in achieving your goals by utilizing our broad network to identify potential targets. We also help our clients in realizing their dream of business ownership through franchising.

Who should buy a business?



Buying a business is one of the most sound investments one can make, as evidenced by its history of outperforming both the stock and housing markets.

Investor Immigrants

As an overseas investor, you will benefit from having systems, infrastructure, financing, and employees already in place.


Have you ever dreamed of being your own boss? Becoming the owner of your own business is the best way to do that.

What we provide


Before you go about buying a business, it is important to be clear about what you will be getting yourself into. Ask yourself questions such as:

  • Do I have the resources?
  • Have I found the right business?
  • Have I done my research into the company?
  • What is the current ownership like, and why are they selling?

If you are unsure about the answers to any of these questions, CTL is happy to help you find the answers to any and all of these questions. Following this initial phase, we will help with the remianing phases of the acquisition process.



What this process means for you is that CTL will help you, the buyer, find the perfect match - and help you through the process of completing the purchase, as well as transitioning into your new role as the business owner.

We are proud to offer our clients an unparalleled network of contacts and relationships across borders in various industries.



Are you an investor?


We offer investment opportunities for investors beyond buying businesses

Are you ready to purchase a business?


Use our business purchase form to jump start the process. Our form will help us connect you with sellers matching your purchase criteria.