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CTL Business Group has formed a diligent process that screens business before they present to our investors. This ensures you see only the best deals at our forum.

How Do we Negotiate a Win-Win Investment opportunities to you?


Negotiations between investors and business owners involve, at minimum, the following factors:

  • The Timing of the Investment. A specific sum is invested initially with future investments on specific future dates or when certain contingencies have been met.
  • The Return on Investment. In debt, return, or from the company’s perspective, “cost” may be expressed as interest with specific payment periods and principal amortization. In equity, return is the proportionate share of future earnings directed to the investor.
  • The Timing of the Return to the Investor. Prospective payments in the future will be discounted to reflect the investor’s opportunity costs and the risk-free return which he would have otherwise earned by forgoing the investment.
  • The Certainty of the Return. Since the return on capital will be in the future, investors are naturally concerned about the likelihood the projected results becoming reality. This “risk” increase is directly proportional to the period between investment and projected return, the size of the return relative to the investment, and the reliability of the underlying financial and operating assumptions.
  • Control. Who makes decisions when things don’t go as planned? Investors usually require certain protections to minimize losses or to maximize gains when possible, including majority ownership of the company in the event of certain events. Business owners generally resist direct intervention into company operations, viewing it as a challenge to their authority and capabilities.

What the benefits are of join “CTL Global Investors Club”?


Commitment to our members is our highest priority at CTL Business Group. Outlined below is our commitment to you:

  • Quality deal flow: Most investment groups often carry out the early stage investing process with very little attention to important formalities. In contrast, CTL Business Group has formed a diligent process that screens companies before they present to our investors. This ensures you see only the best deals at our forum.
  • Invest together: Options to directly make investments and/or participate in holding companies that share due diligence and pool resources.
  • Networking opportunities: CTL Business Group is a community of Taiwan’s top angel investors. We will provide you with networking opportunities among our membership and among other like minded, high-net-worth angel investors across North America and Asia.
  • Support: Our members understand the risks and rewards associated with early stage funding and, when brought together during the monthly forums in the chapter cities and social activities, are able to strengthen ties of mutual interest, fellowship, and support.
  • Direct access: Members can pitch their own deals or invest companies to the CTL Business Group selection process.


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