With a passion for professional business consulting, and a real understanding of the problems faced by business owners in the modern landscape, CTL Business Group’s goal is to help make every business a success.

How can you know that we understand where you’re coming from as a business owner? 

Established in Calgary, Canada in 2007, we now have offices in Calgary, Canada; Irvine, California, and Taipei, Taiwan. We use our global presence, combined with our passion for professional business consulting, to strive to provide holistic services that achieve results. Most importantly though, is that our determined and diverse group of experienced professional are dedicated to making your business grow. They have been there before, and are committed to seeing you to a successful solution as well.

We specialize in a variety of services, namely business consulting, buying and selling businesses, mergers and acquisitions, business valuations, corporate finance, investments, and business training. Each service is designed to efficiently and effectively achieve results. We also provide various Certificate Programs as part of our Business Skills Training Centre. Your success is our success and it is our mission to make every business successful.

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