Entrepreneurs: Meet Alex the young Entrepreneur

I will never forget that afternoon, Alex, a young 18 year boy came to my office for an appointment. He came to me for business advice, regarding business plans writing and finding start up capital! Five years after I met him in the conference, he has 7 employees working for him.

young entrepreneurs
young entrepreneur hard at work

It’s about making ideas happen!

At the very heart of entrepreneurship is the activity of turning ideas into marketable products, processes and services. As a source of innovation, entrepreneurs spur productivity, national competitiveness, economic growth and job creation.

Do entrepreneurs pursue their path because of a genetic predisposition to do so?

I am not convinced. I met many successful entrepreneurs in the course of my work, I can say that they have included an enormous diversity of individuals and personality types – a mix of introverts and extroverts, natural risk-takers and those with a more cautious outlook, each exhibiting their own particular strengths in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

What is Entrepreneurship: It’s A Mindset, Not A Business Model

1. Not afraid to take a risk: Most of the best entrepreneurs are not afraid to throw all their chips onto the table, bet big on their idea, regardless of risk.

2. Passion & Motivation: Is there something that you can work on over and over again, without getting bored?

3. Disciplined Dedication, Self –belief & Hard Work: Think about the broader picture and the impact of your research. Entrepreneurs see opportunities in not-so-obvious places, and are often able to find a way to exploit them.

4. Adaptability & Flexibility: Successful entrepreneurs welcome all suggestions for optimization or customization that enhances their offering and satisfies client and market needs. A product you develop for yourself alone may qualify as a hobby, but a product for the market should satisfy market needs.

5. Think ahead: Where do you want to be in 5/10/20 years? Entrepreneurs are good at thinking in the present, but also try and have a vision of the future.

6. Be in Charge of Your Own Destiny – Entrepreneurs are generally agile and adaptable, working around issues and finding new ways where necessary.

So, does age matter for entrepreneurial success?

No, but experience does and that comes with age. Smart entrepreneurs who lack experience can offset that by surrounding themselves with experienced Business Management Consultant.

We think out of the box! You see the lights!


Business Services

CTL Business Group Ltd.

CTL Business Group is committed to their clients and the success of their business. The company’s top priority is to provide the customers with high quality Entrepreneurial Consulting Services such as regulatory framework, culture, business plan, access to capital, access to R&D, entrepreneurial capabilities, accounting/finance/tax, marketing development and corporate training which can guarantee you that your business runs smoothly and efficiently. Additionally, CTL Business Group offers Entrepreneurial Training Courses too.

Global Creative Entrepreneur Program:

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

Identify the core characteristics of the entrepreneurial mindset
Develop a mindset for observation and synthesis
Understand basic concepts around market analysis and competitive landscaping
Develop a methodology for how to solicit input from others about your startup plans
Write a simple marketing plan, leveraging social media to enhance customer reach
Put together an effective presentation for your business startup
Understand the critical importance of people selection
Write a business plan
Select the right attorney and understand basic legal considerations
Understand basic finance
Build the right networks
Understand the inside obstacles threatening a startup

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