Why You Should Have a Business Plan

Benefits of a Business Plan:

Your business plan will be the “Road Map” of your enterprise. It will show you how to get to where you want to go. To develop a good plan, you need to write down the answers to quite a few questions, before figuring out how CTL help you decide where you want to take your business. Everyone in business should have a business plan, not just the people seeking venture capital.

With over 15 years doing business internationally, our professional Business Consultant  can help you write Business plans often following a general format as shown below:

    1. Executive Summary.
    2. Company Profile including mission statement that describes your business and why you are in it.
    3. Competitive Analysis.
    4. Marketing Strategy.
    5. Staff Qualifications.
    6. Financial Information.
    7. Appendices containing any additional information you would like to include.

A good Business Plan is your guide to your business. It will help you get what you want. Keep it updated. Change it as your goals change or as the market changes. Remember, a little planning will take you a long way. Please Contact Us for more pricing and information.